Five DIY car maintenance tips

The best ways to save money you could spend on big repairs is to take good care of your car and do some regular checkups. Equipping yourself with basic DIY maintenance skills can save you a lot of money. Doing auto maintenance by yourself may seem discouraging but there several simple tasks which any car owner can be able to handle. You only need to have some time and you will have the task done. Here are simple DIY maintenance tasks which you can handle and save you a fortune.

Washing and detailing

When you have your car to the car wash weekly, it will add up to too much money. However, you can be able to save yourself this expense if you just spend upfront on supplies you need to wash your car. You need a bucket, soap, hose, microfiber and washing mitt to clean your car and save yourself the weekly car wash expense.

Replacing windshield wiper blades

Windshield wipers should be replaced averagely twice a year although most car owners ignore this. When your wiper blades become worn, it may be difficult for you to see during a rainstorm. Mechanics can charge you way too much for this simple fix-up that you can handle. Lift the wiper blades as if you’re washing the windshield. Push the underside of the wiper to remove the old blade. Attach the new blade to the metal arms and be careful not to bend them.

Changing brake lights

When your brake lights fail to function, it creates danger for other motorists who may not be able to notice you slowing down or stopping instantly. Moreover, you can be pulled over by the police for not having working brake lights. Changing a brake light doesn’t need a mechanic since it mostly involves just the swapping of bulb.

Swapping out the air filter

Your need to replace the air filter of your car every 12 months or 15,000 miles. If you don’t replace your dirty filter, the reliability and efficiency of your vehicle will be reduced. In most vehicles, the filter is under the hood in a box with metal clips on the sides. Open the box and take note of how the filter fits inside it. Remove and replace it ensuring that it faces the same way it was facing. Close the metal clip and it will job well done within a short period.

Changing of oil

It is advisable to change the oil of your vehicle after every 3000 miles. Changing the oil is an easy task provided you follow the correct procedure and precautions. You need to jack up your car then locate the oil pan under the car. Remove the drain plug and drain the oil then replace the plug. Go to the engine and remove the oil filter using a wrench. Screw in the new oil filter and use a funnel to fill the engine with new oil.